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We are a Community Hop Growing project; Working together to grow, learn and have fun with Hops as well producing some high quality local real beer.  New members are always welcome.

Despite the name we are more of a ‘workers co-operative’ than a commercial farm! The members decide the future shape of the project. We will try to work in the business bits of the project with the workshops, brewery and hop farm visits we are planning during the year. We have an AGM every January, Constitution and audited Accounts.

Our coverage is Deal and the surrounding villages and communities. We are happy for people further a-field in East Kent to be members – but the key thing is the harvest, which will need to happen on one day. So, if you up for a bit of travelling no problem.

We are trying to keep the costs as low and transparent as possible. Roughly £9 of your 1st Year membership £20 fee goes to the running of the club (to fund publicity, workshops, our October Celebration and development costs for further badged beers).

The second-year renewal fee will be set by the members at our AGM, but we are working on the assumption for the business plan it would about £5pa. Once purchased the Hop rhizomes (root stock) remain yours. They can last for 20 years!

Please make sure you understand the basics for growing hops, especially where they are to be sited in your garden (we have a separate planting guide). Essentially, hops need good sunlight, space to grow and regular watering (particularly in their first year).

If you are interested in joining the Deal Hop Farm please contact us.

Community hop harvest

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Your personal data is important to us. We strive to keep it secure and undertake only to use it for the purpose of communicating with you as a member of the Deal Hop Farm.

  • We will only ask you for the minimum amount of information
  • We do not share it with third parties or use it for other purposes
  • Your consent is registered as you become a DHF member
  • You have the right to cease being a DHF member at any time or chose not to renew your membership

If you wish to leave DHF, just let us know and we will remove your details immediately from our database with no questions asked.

Community hop harvest